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A phenomenon of online media suddenly appears and grabs attention of people. How could it happen? How they manage everything?
We have an exclusive interview with one of online media that has been developed so fast with nice management system. It is Komang Adyatma as KANALTIGAPULUH manifesto has spoken some words.
When did KANALTIGAPULUH establish? Who is the creator?
KANALTIGAPULUH officially established at around August 2010. It has been begun by a chat at a coffee shop in Malang, East Java between me and Eko Marjani. I am from Malang but I’ve been finishing my education in Yogyakarta around that time. We are talking about music and music scene in Malang and compare with those in other cities in Indonesia. We both have attested that musicians and independent music scenes in Malang do not really have anything much to support their works, activities, and publicities; while there were webzines and internet radios in other cities such as Hujan! Radio in Bogor, Berisik Radio in Jakarta, and PamitYang2an in Yogyakarta. We both agree to create something similar in Malang. Eko Marjani later introduce me to Bangga Wiratama who used to own an online radio. The radio was no longer active due to lack of content and human resource to run it. So three of us decided to create a new concept for the online radio under the name of KANALTIGAPULUH with additional support from Adi Surya Wiranegara. Today, by the management, KANALTIGAPULUH develops to some other cities such as Yogyakarta and Jakarta.
Why do you choose “KANALTIGAPULUH” as the name?
KANALTIGAPULUH itself comes from KANAL which means connected channels meet at the same estuary. The second word is TIGAPULUH which means thirty and it is written in word instead of number which refers to Bangga Wiratama’s house number where the online radio has been formerly established. The job descriptions are split among these four persons. I am in charge in the Public Relation and Promotion, Bangga in IT division, while Eko and Adi are the announcers. Today we have around 23 people working with us in the radio in Malang, Yogyakarta, and Jakarta as those in charges as Marketing staff, Announcers, Writers, and also Reporters.
Media and any press institutions usually have the high working traffic. How do you manage it?
Some of us, including 2 of the founders, have actually decided to step down due to the demand of their daily jobs and also different idealism and perspective. Currently, only two of the founders remain in the radio, me and Eko Marjani. We have those in charge as a supervisor for each city and division, such as an editor for webzine and a music director for the radio broadcasting. Supervisor is responsible to control and manage everyone’s work and task. This far, everything runs quite well because of everyone’s loyalty and we always try to keep the togetherness and stay solid along with everyone in each city and division.
How do you fund KANALTIGAPULUH? Is there any specific way?
Aside from membership dues, the funding of KANALTIGAPULUH comes from donation by merchandise online sales and our off air event in Yogyakarta, LELAGU. The income by the off air event comes from LELAGU official stencil printing goods and merchandise. This fund support system is new and a unique concept in Indonesia which receives a quite good response from the audience and they are very interested in it. The method is indeed quite efficient for our funding, especially from merchandise sales division. We also get our fund from advertisements in our website.
There are some online radios that appear today and disappear on the next week. What is the secret to be a last long independent media?
Many pre-mature media have high expectation and passion in the beginning, but they end up to get lost and clueless on where should they head to. This is such a common phenomenon in Indonesia. We definitely do not want to join the club. The most important is to stick with the commitment and everyone must fully commits to his/her task and duty. Also, internal and financial management need to be well maintained and remain solid.
Are there any particular genres of music to be played in KANALTIGAPULUH?
There is no specific genre decided and there is no particular restriction as well. The announcers have the freedom to decide their broadcasting program along with the approval of the music director. Indie music has more portions to compare with the mainstream.
What is “noise” in your point of view?
In my opinion, noise means “raw.” It is possible to be processed and explored into a more interesting form. However, the result could be varied. It depends on those who conduct the process and that what makes the difference.
What are KANALTIGAPULUH’s events in the near future?
Technically, we are going to have LELAGU in Yogyakarta and Hingar Bingar in Malang. These are our monthly regular off air events. Aside from these, we have events coverage and support in which we partake as media partner and also to boost our broadcasting quality. Next year we are going to rebrand our media through new management concept to enhance the content we offer and provide and also to have a better system and management.
Any words for us and our readers?
Keep the passion on anything you do. Every start might not be easy, but when you stay with it and you remain consistent in reaching your goal, you’ll finally get there. Also, stay creative, since it matters.

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